Deputy Director for Science

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040009 Almaty region, Taldykorgan, st. Zhansugurova, 226, Educational building №1, office №217

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Raigul Abdoldanova

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8(7282) 22-43-75


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Organizes and analyzes the educational work of the organization of education. Coordinates the work of methodological and cyclic commissions, departments of educational organizations to identify, summarize and implement advanced teaching experience. Supervises the work on the preparation of educational and methodical documentation, participates in the creation of working teaching and planning documentation.

Supervises the work of methodical, subject and cycle commissions, departments of educational organization. It identifies and summarizes advanced pedagogical experience, introduces innovative-developing elements of education into practice, the work experience of the best teachers and innovators, and assists pedagogical workers in the development of author programs, textbooks and educational and methodical literature.

Develops proposals to improve the efficiency of the educational process and methodological work. Participates in the preparation and conduct of seminars, conferences, training courses and retraining of teachers’ qualifications. Organizes the holding of open lessons and their discussion. Provides a methodical cabinet with equipment, visual aids. Organizes work on compliance with the rules of sanitary and hygienic regime, labor protection and safety in workshops and at work. Provides timely preparation of established reporting documentation.