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040009 Almaty region, Taldykorgan, st. Zhansugurova, 226, Educational building №1, office №335

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Gulnar Tokenova

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Phone: 87079369616

email: tokenova_gulnara@mail.ru, tokenovag@gmail.com

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Specialties and educational programs
Specialty: 1304000 – Computing and software (by type)
Qualifications: 1304012 – Tester,
1304043– Software Technician Training period:  2 years 10 months, 3 years 10 months (based on basic secondary education)  1 year 10 months, 2 years 10 months (based on general secondary education)
The purpose of the educational program is to prepare highly qualified, specialists competitive in the labor market for the staffing of the industrial and innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of IT-technologies and production using artificial intelligence able to adapt to the rapidly changing socio-economic conditions.[/su_tab]

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«Chair of Digital and electronic technologies»

«Chair of Communication and mechatronics»

«Chair of IT technologies»